Bowmoor Capital is a leading London based trend following, global macro investment firm. Our flagship investment strategy, Global Alpha, is a long/short, systematic, quantitative strategy which is designed to benefit from price trends in global markets.

Global Alpha has been rigorously designed and developed since 2003. It is based on trend-following techniques and empirical evidence which shows that trends are a recurring phenomenon in financial markets. Those trends develop as a result of various behavioural biases impacting market participants, such as herding, feedback loops, overreaction and confirmation bias. Once established, those trends have a tendency to last longer and extend further than most market participants anticipate.

 We use sophisticated mathematical processes to identify and exploit those market trends, investing in a diversified portfolio of globally exchange traded futures. Those futures markets are highly liquid and capture a wide range of trends across the largest financial and commodity sectors of the global economy. We take both long and short positions, designed to profit from rising and falling markets.The strategy aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments, providing valuable diversification benefits and enhancing the risk/reward profile of a traditional investment portfolio. We seek to diversify as far as possible, combining uncorrelated markets from every sector of the global economy, including stock markets, interest rates, foreign exchange, metals, energy, grain, soft commodities and livestock.

Precisely measured risk taking and meticulously controlling inherent risks of investing is at the core of our Global Alpha strategy. We incorporate diversified investments across a broad range of financial markets and asset classes, which are carefully selected considering market correlations. Further risk controls ensure each allocation is consistent with the volatility of the market and the total risk distributed across the portfolio. The strategy incorporates real-time risk management procedures and every element of the trading plan is closely monitored and tightly controlled to balance risk with the optimal level of expected return.

Our investment team is led by Gareth Abbot and Brendan Mulvany, who together have over 50 years of combined experience developing and running alpha-generating investment strategies.

Bowmoor Capital Limited is a limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom with the registration number 14080363. The registered office is at 167-169 Great Portland Street, 5th Floor, London, W1W 5PF. Bowmoor Capital Limited is an Appointed Representative of Panima Capital Management Limited (Firm Reference Number 653812) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.